Counselor's Corner

Welcome to the Southside Jr. High Counselor’s Corner!

My name is Blythe Keller and I am Southside Jr. High School’s Counselor. This is my ninth year as an educator. I taught sixth grade math before becoming a school counselor. As the counselor at Southside Jr. High School, I have a variety of roles throughout the school.

My goal is to help promote student success in the areas of academic, career and personal/social development. I provide crisis intervention, short-term individual counseling and small group counseling per teacher, student, parent request, or on an as need base. As school counselor it is my role to advocate for students and assist administrators, teachers, staff and families. I also desire to encourage, empower, and equip them with good self-esteem and self-confidence to do great things.

Students may be referred to me for individual guidance if they are having emotional or social challenges that are affecting their education. The role of the school counselor is to help that student cope with the current situation, so they will be able to be successful in the classroom.

My personal goal as a school counselor is to provide a warm and safe environment where each person can learn to love who they are, and to facilitate those coping skills needed for everyday life. Each day is a new day. We want our students to know that we care about them as a person; that they are valued.