PT conferences

The Southside School District will offer virtual learning days on Thursday and Friday of next week, October 15th-16th. 

Virtual learning days give parents/students the option of learning from home or school. Students who choose to learn from home on October 15th and October 16th will not be counted absent as long as assignments are submitted. Instruction on these days will be 100% virtual. These are days that allow our students an opportunity to review previous instruction, complete missing assignments and check for understanding: there will be no new content taught or major assessments given. 

Southside Schools made this decision primarily to help ease the burden on our students. We have listened and we trust the feedback received from our teachers and students. These virtual days will give teachers protected time for the added tasks that have come with this unusual school year, and are designed to bring relief to everyone: parents, students, and staff. This is a hard time for all of us. We hope this will help. 

Throughout the week of October 12th-16th, teachers will be conducting parent teacher conferences via phone call, email, or Google Meet. Please be expecting your child’s teacher to reach out to you regarding their progress. 

The District will be looking at adding in other virtual days throughout the school year. We welcome feedback from families and community members regarding periodic virtual days. This will help us make future decisions for our students.