EZSchoolPay (Lunch Balances/Deposits)

Southside School District is proud to offer a new service to our parents/patrons. EZSchoolPay.com is a new online service to help both the school and our parents by allowing you to make online deposits and to keep up with your students’ lunch balance.

You will need to know your students’ Patron ID number before you can link to their accounts.  This information will be sent out via a letter to parents or you can get it by calling the respective school cafeterias.

You can sign up for this service by visiting the EZSchoolPay website.


There is a $3.00 convenience fee that is charged for each deposit that is made regardless of the size of your payment. This fee is designed to cover or offset the normal costs of processing credit card transactions and fees associated with maintaining a credit card merchant account.

You should use a personal email account to register for EZSchoolPay.  It is important that you do NOT use a school email account for this system.