You are "what's right with the world"

Southside Families---you are what’s right with our world! Each time our Administrative PLC meets, we end our meeting by celebrating what is right with our world. We celebrate a student, a teacher, or a community partner.

This week, we want to celebrate our families. You have been amazing! You have tackled the challenges of COVID-19 while simultaneously continuing your students’ education. You have been a parent, a teacher, a principal, a music teacher, an art teacher, a coach, a computer tech…..the list goes on and on. We applaud you and want you to know you have been a super star! We feel so blessed to serve such an incredible group of students and families.

Mr. Rich, Mr. Stevens, Ms. Novella, Mrs. Lisa, Mrs. Poole, Mrs. Turner, Mr. Sitkowski, Mr. Ried, Mr. Hodges, and Mr. Dayberry