Southside Junior High School

We were very glad to see all of our students last week. We are looking forward to a great year. Please pay attention to the following new guidelines:

Sign Out: Please sign your student in or out on the sign out sheet. Buzz the office or call 870-251-4003, & we will send your student out to you.

Dropping off items: Please make sure the item is labeled with name and grade & leave it in the foyer. We will get these items to the student.

Office Visitors: In the event you enter the building: All visitors must check in with the office and wear a mask when entering the building.

Grades 7-12.....Since students are mixed and we have students leaving for UACCB and returning as well as other instances, we will allow students to schedule appointments that require them to leave and return. Please remember this is for essential appointments only and does not need to be used for nonessential appointments, eating out, shopping, visiting relatives, or other nonessential activities and then returning to school.