Homecoming Spirit Week Dress Up Have Fun and Show Your SPIRIT

Monday Oct 12
Movie Day - Dress Up Like Your Favorite Character from a Movie. (Dress Appropriate)

Tuesday Oct 13
Tacky Tourist Beach Day - Dress Like A Tacky Tourist or Beach wear (MUST DRESS VERY APPROPRIATE)

Woodland Wednesday Oct 14
Wear Camo, OR dress like a woodland creature/animal, OR dress like your favorite TV outdoor channel People, OR dress like a Lumberjack OR wear flannel anything. 

Thursday Oct 15
Decades - Dress Up Like ANY TIME PERIOD (Romans, Greeks, Medieval Times, Wild West, 20s, 40s, 60s, and 80s... ANY DECADE

Friday Oct 16
THIS IS OUR HOUSE DAY - Wear BLUE, GOLD, & WHITE from head to toe