Choose to Shine!

We make choices every day. Our teachers and staff are committed to

making the choice to shine for our students and ourselves. To us, shining

means setting a positive tone for learning, encouraging others to join

us in the adventure, and modeling an open-door spirit for collaboration.

Southside Elementary School is a place to see a smile and feel supported.

Growing is our business, and shining is our attitude.

We believe in…

● high expectations

● forgiving

● sharing knowledge

● being flexible

● caring

● working hard to meet goals

● promoting good citizenship

● striving to improve

● working as a team

● cultivating the whole child

● engaging in the struggle of learning

● being open-minded

● showing mutual respect

● problem-solving

● celebrating!

Mission Statement

Student by student, skill by skill… Southside Elementary School lays the

foundation for student success. Ready to learn is the growth mindset we

want all students and adults to share, both at school and in life.