How can I be involved in my child’s education?

There are many ways to be involved in your child’s educational career.  Children are more likely to succeed in school and life when parents are involved.  Here are some ways you can be involved:

  • Talk to your child every day about friends, the school or homework.

  • Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • Let your child’s teacher know the best way to communicate with you – phone, email, etc.

  • Understand and reinforce school rules and expectations at home.

  • Participate in activities designed to get to know teachers and administrators.

  • Address any concerns or questions early on.

  • Attend PTO, PTA or Parent Meetings.

  • Read and understand the school handbook.

  • Get to know your child’s friends and parents.

  • Visit the Parent Resource Center for information and resources.

  • Participate in parenting classes.

  • Volunteer in your child’s classroom – once a week, once a month, or once a year.

  • Read school newsletters and notes home.

  • Provide a quiet, well-lit place with schools supplies for studying and homework.

  • Develop a consistent routine for homework and studying.

  • Provide encouragement and praise for good efforts.

  • Visit the school web page for announcements, current events, and curriculum notes.

  • Use the online grade book HAC to stay up-to-date on your child’s grades.

*Excerpts from 101 Ways to be Involved from the 
National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs

Where is the Parent Resource Center?

The Southside School District Parent Resource Center is located in the Elementary at 2460 Batesville Blvd.  Parents may check in at the office for a visitor pass.  The Parent Center is in room 141.

How may I contact my child's teacher?

Teachers may be contacted: by note from home, by message, by phone, or by email.  Visit the faculty page on each school web page to find a list of email addresses.

Where can I get a visitors pass?

For the safety of all children, teachers, staff, and parents all visitors must stop at the school office and sign in.

How may I stay up-to-date on school events?

Need to be in the “know”? You are only a few mouse clicks away.  Check the school announcements.  Daily announcements are posted on each school web page. Visit the Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, Jr. High or High School at the Southside School District Home Page.